What is Skinny Buddha?

Every time we’re asked what Skinny Buddha is, we find ourselves answering the question differently.

Thinking back, did we know exactly what it was going to be when we were sitting in the kitchen, firing ideas at each other, & scribbling notes on paper?

A decade has passed since those early days, and we find ourselves asking the same question again.
What is Skinny Buddha?

We still may not have a precise definition. However, we have discovered that there are many levels to Skinny Buddha. Every day we discover that everyone may have their very own personal interpretation of what Skinny Buddha is for them.

On the surface, we are a food business that specializes in organic soups, salads, smoothies, acai bowls, burgers, and wraps that are vegan and gluten-free.

A layer below that, we are a place vegans and non-vegans can go, to be introduced to and enjoy a dairy-free, meat-free lifestyle.

Keep digging and many will tell you that we are a home away from home, a refuge, a safe space. Some say they walk in the door and notice a certain calming energy, a feeling of comfort.

Others say Skinny Buddha is a little place they happened to stumble upon, so they decided to stop in for some nourishment. They ask, how did I not know you guys were here?

We now know Skinny Buddha has become many things to many people. And to us, that means EVERYTHING. I guess at the end of the day, our personal mission is to provide wholesome, healthy and delicious nourishment, in a comfortable environment, that encourages awareness and sharing of information, not just from us, but through all of us.

Yes, we can all have our own view of what Skinny Buddha is, and what we would like it to represent for us.

We can all be right.

We hope you enjoy………
Your Skinny Buddha!

Elyce & Shaka